Hello and welcome. My name is Ryan and in the words of Rob Hill Sr my goal is to build a life I don’t need a vacation from. I’ve been making a living from playing my guitar for around a decade now but feel it’s time for a slight change; a little shake up.

First things first, here is my blog post about why I started to travel and how it got me into a new phase of life

Why I Travel

Now here is the list I wrote during my time in Brisbane, Australia after reading Sebastian Terry’s great book about his own list.

I wanted to really think about the reasons behind my decision to do each of the items on this list and what I would learn from each experience and how I think it would change me in a positive way. I also thought it would be important to have a different companion for each one. Something I think will cement my memories of doing it as well as bonding with 100 people in a very unique way. To read more about each item I have completed look below. If you would like to help me or come with me on anything in this list please get in touch at me@ryaninglis.com.

1. Witness a total eclipse
2. See the northern lights (CLICK FOR VIDEO)
3. Go to Burning Man
4. Do a hot air balloon ride (CLICK FOR VIDEO)
5. Just once have an amazing Halloween costume
6. Write/perform a stand up comedy routine
7. Host a party in an executive hotel suite/penthouse
8. Scuba dive
9. Achieve level C1 in German
10. Write & record another album of songs
11. Help someone to get off the streets
12. Get some abs
13. Start an internet business
14. Learn a dance routine
15. Save someones life
16. Feed 5000 people
17. Make someone so happy that they cry
18. Spend a day as a human statue
19. Do the worlds largest rollercoaster/bungee/abseil
20. Get into the official UK top 100
21. Spin the globe and visit a random country
22. Visit at least 1 wonder such as The Pyramids or Machu Picchu (Colosseum)
23. Organise a gig just for my Slicethepie Investors
24. Swim a mile
25. Be an extra in a movie
26. Write a book
27. Walk on hot coals
28. Be in my own montage
29. Write an award winning song
30. Get a tattoo that means a lot to me
31. Spend a week in the wilderness
32. Do a 10k run
33. Skid a car into a parking space
34. Do 10 different jobs in 10 different countries in 10 days
35. Buy gifts for an orphanage (CLICK TO READ)
36. Walk 500 miles (CLICK TO READ) (CLICK FOR VIDEO)
37. Change someones life for the better (CLICK TO READ) (CLICK FOR VIDEOS)
38. Go to holi festival in India
39. Get a completely different hairstyle
40. Take part in a team building exercise
41. TBA
42. Learn 3 tricks on a trampoline
43. Hunt and kill my own meal
44. Build my own house
45. Achieve sign language level 1 in BSL
46. Hangglide
47. Toss a coin to make decisions for a week
48. Test drive a super car
49. Be a model for some kind of advertising
50. TBA
51. Learn something cool on the banjo
52. Have a viral YouTube video
53. Do an inspirational talk
54. Go on a family holiday
55. Hitchhike
56. Do a world tour with a band
57. Find my soulmate
58. Blindfolded for an entire week
59. Create something on a pottery wheel
60. Watch a meteor shower
61. Build/own a tree house
62. Stomp on grapes at a vineyard
63. Ride a camel (CLICK FOR VIDEO)
64. Give a shelter pet a home
65. Visit a tropical paradise
66. Safari
67. Experience zero gravity
68. See QI live
69. Be the voice of a cartoon character
70. Go to Comic-Con in costume
71. Shoot an arrow from horseback (CLICK FOR VIDEO)
72. TBA
73. Road trip in a camper van (CLICK FOR VIDEOS)
74. TBA
75. Visit Rio de Janeiro
76. Perfect 3 magic tricks
77. Walk down a red carpet
78. Be the first person to achieve something
79. Spend no money for a whole week
80. Tip a waitress $500 in America
81. Visit every continent
82. Volunteer to help the homeless
83. Spend a day and night on a luxury yacht
84. Attend a murder mystery weekend
85. Visit every capital city in Europe (13/51 so far)
86. See a planet through a powerful telescope
87. Visit Barrier Reef
88. Sydney fireworks on New Year
89. Try a sensory deprivation tank
90. Try a vegan diet for a month
91. Step out of a limo & tuxedo in slow motion with white doves
92. Break a board with my fist
93. Doing something nice for 10 people without them knowing it was me
94. Spend a month away from social media
95. Leave a positive mark on the world I leave behind
96. Own a fruit machine
97. Help someone else achieve one of their goals
98. Read more books
99. Learn how to be self sufficient (grow food etc)
100. Get squirted at by an elephant (CLICK FOR VIDEO)


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