Hello and welcome. As a little experiment and a way for me to both get to know other musicians better as well as learn something new and improve my own guitar playing I am going to be putting together short lessons from guitarists I meet during my travels. First up is Michael Woon from Munich.

Michael’s preferred style is BLUES and so I asked if he would mind showing me something in his repertoire. I am hoping that these lessons will be as useful to you as they will be for me.

Here is a short video of Michael playing ‘Keep On Truckin (My Blues Away)‘ by Blind Boy Fuller

Here is Blind Boy Fullers version

Contact MICHAEL WOON – woon@mit.edu

“Piedmont comes from the foot of the Appalachian mountains around the Carolinas (south eastern USA) and it came from a time where there was more exchange between jazz and blues musicians. Jazz was going through its early ragtime phase and so some blues musicians picked up this rhythm”

“Blues is the sound of a peoples optimism during a time of great suffering. If you don’t come from this culture you should do your homework before playing the blues”

Tabs are available to download for free so you can learn it too. Click these links for the PDF FILES. GPX (Guitar Pro) files are also available on request at me@ryaninglis.com

Keep On Truckin’ (Intro) – PDF

Keep On Truckin’ – PDF


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