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About Ryan

“Talented singer/songwriter/guitarist Ryan Inglis, hailing from W-s-M, won $15,000 to record his next album of original material from fan-funding via and has been recording at Abbey Road studios. A previous national finalist of Live & Unsigned and winner of Baths Got Talent. His single Secret released in 2011 reached the top of the Amazon Rock Charts and #4 in the iTunes singer/songwriter charts. His album ‘The Time Is Now‘ is due for release imminently.

Ryan Inglis’ music is an acoustic guitar base, matured for over 10 years infused with gospel inspired rhythm & melodic bass-lines then garnished with haunting strings & grade A lead guitar hooks and finally seasoned with chopped dance/trance samples. Connoisseurs will appreciate the thoughtful lyrics and the vocal tone (a particular delicacy) Low in fat, Ryan Inglis is also suitable for vegetarians and with a calorie count of 0 you can listen to as much as you like guilt free.

‘Footprint’ – A short documentary about Ryan Inglis

Personal Talentwatch Video – Ryan Inglis

Born on the Isle Of Wight at 7:30am on the 18th August, School days were fairly uneventful until at the age of 13 his friend Wesley Brothwell showed him how to play the ‘Heartbeat’ riff on the guitar. After letting his guitar gather dust for 3 years he decided it was time to try a different song and so embarked upon his mission to learn as much of the cool music he was listening to at the time.

His first musical purchase was PABLO HONEY – Radiohead. His music taste has been very varied over the years and enjoys checking out unsigned music as well. Most recently his influences have been Andy McKee, Erik Mongrain, John Mayer and whoever was responsible for writing the thousands of songs he has learned to play over the past few years

Ryan’s guitar style is a mixed bag of genres and techniques rolled into varied original pieces… One minute he’s plucking and tapping the next he’s strumming and whacking! His percussive style is very well executed and tight with the beat while simultaneously strumming or picking complex melodies along with his own unique vocal sound.

With hundreds of live performances under his belt in such a relatively short 5-6 years (currently around 400 in the last 2 years alone) he has grown to be a great live performer with a huge repertoire of covers to keep any audience happy as well as his painstakingly thought out original material. He has supported well known artists such as REEF, COLIN MACINTYRE, ERIK MONGRAIN, THE AUTOMATIC & CHESNEY HAWKES and has also played at the C.I.A (Cardiff International Arena) in front of 2000 student doctors. His largest audience however was at the Twickenham Rugby ground in front of 8000 revelers. In 2008 Ryan entered the LIVE & UNSIGNED competition and got to the national finals in London. He won BATH’S GOT TALENT in the same year. Most recently Ryan was awarded $15,000 from music website to record his 1st production album

As well as writing and performing his own music he enjoys working on various other musical projects. Whether he is playing for soulful singer/songwriter Lorna Thomas, performing with vocal sensation Matt Baker or working with CHET on acoustic hip-hop and VTKTM (Visions To Kill The Mainstream) or performing in one of many covers bands circulating around the Bristol area he is always willing to try his hand at anything and enjoys both the challenge and the experience.

Ryan is now trying to realize his next ambition and hopes to be able to play around the UK on tour to his ever growing fanbase with new material from THE TIME IS NOW & 7 BLANK TILES A live DVD is on the cards too as well as a remix album called ‘SHUFFLE’ (you can hear some samples in the HEAR ME tab

You can listen/read more in RADIO INTERVIEWS / INTERVIEWS hear what people think about him in the TESTIMONIALS and REVIEWS sections of the site.

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