The Time is Now

  • Released
    28 October 2013
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  • Artist
    Ryan Inglis
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The Time is Now

Track List

  1. 11. My WeaknessBuy
  2. 22. Fear Buy
  3. 33. LostBuy
  4. 44. SecretBuy
  5. 55. StarlightBuy
  6. 66. Half Of The WholeBuy
  7. 77. How Things ChangeBuy
  8. 88. For YouBuy
  9. 99. RealBuy
  10. 1010. Sea Of TranquilityBuy
  11. 1111. Feel Any FeelingBuy
  12. 1212. One Step At A TimeBuy


“Well, what a great album this is. Dazzling percussive acoustic technique, rich resonant vocals and a sharp commercial approach to songwriting clarified by wonderful production.”

“Altogether, a fantastic package of songs. Geniune muso-credentials, but with acute pop sensibilties.”

“A wonderful soothing ride of music & lyrics”

“A refreshing change from the usual mass produced rubbish that we are bombarded with these days. If you fancy something different then give this a go”

“‘The Time Is Now is’, for a debut album by an unsigned artist, something of a triumph. Twelve songs that show a keen song writing talent, but also avoid cliché, repetition or familiarity”

“One of the most original, constructive and entertaining albums I have heard from a UK artist for many years now”

“The Time Is Now is an absolutely beautiful album that serves as a strong showcase for Ryan Inglis’s many talents. It’s packed with more beautiful melodies than you can shake a stick at, and we’d be shocked if it didn’t get Inglis some much-deserved mainstream recognition. We can’t recommend it highly enough”

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Max Shillinglaw was a friend of mine and he wrote some great songs that he never got a chance to share to the world due to  his premature death in July 2008. I have written songs with him in mind ‘Footprint‘ & ‘Wonderkid‘ most notably and I used his song ‘Starlight‘ for my this album. Click HERE to see and hear everything I could find of his music that he left behind.

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